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Clothes Shopping Safely

Guys and Co.’s Safe Shopping Protocols  

Safety is our priority for our customers and ourselves. During this pandemic, that is the bottom line. Now that we are open for in-store visits, we understand why customers may have questions and concerns that might make them leery about shopping for clothes in person.

With the back-to-school shopping season upon us, we wanted to address those questions and concerns and underscore our commitment to making sure that all our customers have a wonderful and safe shopping experience.

As a small, independently owned business, we feel a special obligation to the families who have supported us more than two decades. Rest assured, we are constantly cleaning and disinfecting from the counter and doorknobs to the fitting rooms.

Here are the safety protocols that are now part of Guy & Co.’s “Normal 2.0”

1 - Masks and gloves
We require masks be worn and no one has complained. We have masks and gloves available upon request.

2 - Appointment shopping
In-store shopping is by 30 min. appointment. To schedule, visit our website at, email us at or call us at 847-940-4897.

3 - Eight is enough
We limit in-store patrons to two sets of up to four customers at a time and we keep the front door locked. We recommend families consider limiting their shopping visits to one parent-one child and, if possible, leave siblings who are not shopping for clothes at home.

4 - Steam Treatment
All clothes that our customers try on do not go back onto the selling floor. They are placed on a separate rack and steamed and sterilized at more than 210 degrees. They are held for up to 48 hours before being available again to customers.

5 - Keeping it clean
Hand sanitizer is available at the front door, at the register and in every fitting room. Between appointments, we spray and disinfect. We clean the fitting rooms, but we also leave cleaning supplies out in case patrons feel safer cleaning themselves.

6 - Contact-free payment
From e-receipts to Apple Pay, we offer several touchless payment options.

7 - Curbside pickup
Even before the pandemic, we offered curbside pickup. We encourage people to shop from us online for basic items and utilize this service.

8 - 24/7 online shopping
Before the pandemic, it was not uncommon for our customers to drop by just to see what’s new. We like people to come in to the store; we’re very much like the bar in the TV show “Cheers” in that we pride ourselves on knowing our customers’ names. We realize that presently just dropping in is not an option, and so we are staying connected to our community via social media, texts and emails. Our clothing, accessories, footwear and gift cards are available for purchase on our website.  

We deeply appreciate your patronage and will continue to make your safety our highest priority.