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5 Secrets for Men to Work From Home in Style

Working From Home has taught us that “work” isn’t always 9-5 and “Business Casual” now means something totally different. Guys are shopping for clothing that are comfortable and versatile. They need to go from Zoom Calls in the morning to in-person client meetings and dinner with the family - and not miss a beat.

Morning Zoom Call

Stay comfortable and look sharp! Start your day like you mean business on that video call! But make sure the camera is set for your close up - because you’re wearing joggers with your fresh button down dress shirt! Why not? 

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In Person Client Meeting

You have casual client meetings at the nearby coffee house mid-morning. Layer a fresh t-shirt under your dress shirt and pair with One Pants. You’ll be professional and comfortable while you TCB - Take Care of Business! 

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Working Lunch

Relax your look with style in a pullover with your One Pants at lunchtime. Feel like you’re the best dressed of your regular crew! 

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Deadline Dash

Okay, it’s time to sit down and focus this afternoon! Get comfortable in a t-shirt and joggers while you power through all that paperwork and meet your deadlines. 

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After Hours Life

Hoodies and joggers are the perfect cozy combination to help you kick back in style at the end of your day. You won’t even mind answering last minute emails right from the couch while binge watching TV! 

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